Sunday, 8 June 2014


Yet another weekend with Xinying and this time round we went to 3 different eateries. Our first stop was Myartspace cafe at Istana park, 31 Orchard Road, it is a cafe situated in a painting studio which has a superb ambiance. Followed by Nana's green tea which serves all matcha and green tea themed desserts and last but not least, Lenas at Orchard Gateway. 

Myartspace cafe

Art works painted by the studio people.

Art studio on the second level.

 Beautiful ambiance, beautiful decor.

 Xinying :)

Chicken stew with bread. Probably the best i've ever tried.

Nana's green tea! This is the bomb. The first layer is matcha ice cream, azuki red bean paste, corn flakes, mochi and whip cream with green tea syrup. Follwed by vanilla ice cream and jade green green tea syrup with green tea jelly.

Shrimp burshetta 

Hair flip shots under good sun lighting is a MUST when we're out 

 Just xinying being xinying, doing her dance poses :)

I can never do hair flip shots as good as Xinying :( She looks so natural here!!

evening sun light is the best.

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Outfit: Top-Topshop 
Tropical Shorts- Zara
Sandals- Rubi

Sunday, 1 June 2014


This time round, I went exploring with another friend, Abigail and yes, she has appeared in my blog before. We went to outram today. Outram is a district situated relatively near the prominent city centres and financial districts and also contains the ethnic neighborhood of Chinatown. Outram park contains several key municipal buildings, such as Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and several other specialist health centres. So, today we went to two cafes and then we went to botanic gardens for a concert. Here are some photos from today.


 The Reading Room cafe. 19 Bukit Pasoh Road.

 Abigail :)

Abigail and I ordered a Panini set with soda, apple crumble and a grape sour.

Overall, The reading room cafe has a really fantastic ambiance with shelves filled with books against the walls and even menus in books and certain shelves had china ware on them. But the food was rather pricey though.

 Strangers' Reunion Cafe. TOTALLY MUST GOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not gonna say much as I don't wanna spoil the excitement (;

 Spiked affagato. Kaluah infused espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.

Honestly one of the best truffle fries I have ever eaten.

                                        BOTANIC GARDENS
 Look at how many people there were.

 Palm trees against the sunset.

Some super cute pug. It was rather fat and it looked more like a walking ham as its body was rounded but it was so friendly.

Abigail peeking through the bushes.

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